Shake Him Off, Baby

This dater can't stop talking about her past. Girl, he's trying to get to know you! What's up with the ex sob stories? Reminiscing and pictures of her ex shifts this date down an ex-love, nightmare-filled memory lane.


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Why You Hatin'?
Did she just get a proposal? This dater thinks he has found true love. How you gonna be in love already, and why is your family all up in your date? Our second dater is fine but she is so sour even this player ain't trying to play.
Expires on 3/31/2016
Germaphobe/All the World's An Ex
First up is "Germaphobe" where it's nice to be clean and neat, but this guy is over the top. Second date is "All the World's An Ex" where every guy wants to date a popular girl, but this girl seems to know every guy in town.
Expires on 3/31/2016
New Attitudes
First up, a girl has a revelation while on the date when she discovers that she's actually black. Second date features an arrogant hell dater.
Expires on 3/31/2016
Stalker/Mommy's On A Date
A date is interrupted by the overly-aggressive sister of a dater's ex. Meanwhile, not fond of dating women with children. how about a woman who brings the demon child along.
Expires on 3/31/2016
Twin Heat
It Takes Two/Extreme Brotha
Expires on 3/31/2016
Fetish Boy/Bi-Polar Sistah
He seems like a regular guy, until the freak comes out. Meanwhile, if you don't like her mood, don't worry it's going to change every 5 minutes, all the way to wacko.
Expires on 3/31/2016
Juvenile Date/Fatal Attraction
Some men act like boys. this one acts like an annoying little boy. Meanwhile, it's nice when a woman is really into you. It's not nice when she wants to own you.
Expires on 3/31/2016
My Temple, Your Ex
The body is a temple but this "slim" dater finds out her temple ain't so hot in her date's eyes. If you ain't thick, he ain't looking! As for our second dater, here's a bit of advice, don't keep bringing up your ex on your first date. It gets real tired, real fast.
Expires on 3/31/2016