Mary Jane Knows Best 

To kick off her Talk Back series on Modern-day Motherhood, Mary Jane makes herself the subject by undergoing a "free" fertility treatment. She also reaches out to David in an attempt to land a coveted interview.


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Mary Jane vows to carve out an anxiety-free weekend, but plans go awry when Mark calls asking her to be his "beard" during the unexpected arrival of his parents. Revelations during their visit force Mark to make a change.
Expires on 3/17/2015
People in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Fish
With Andre and David no longer an active part of her life, Mary Jane recommits herself to work, family and especially to her friends. She throws a “Life Out of Context” dinner party, where she rekindles with Jason and Valerie, a happily married couple that she and David used to be “couples friends” with. Once Mary Jane discovers that David’s new girlfriend is pregnant, it forces her to reexamine what she really wants out of life, prompting her to seek out David and unearth a shared moment from their past.
Expires on 3/10/2015